February 10th, 2007

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Happy Mail-y Goodness

So yesterday I was hurting pretty badly, and got very snappish with Mike and Emily, I owe them both big apologies. Everything worked out okay. We got a gift card to pay off my account so I don't lose my pretty layout, and after PT put on my tens unit for the first time in a few months to go get Wm's haircut. His regular barber wasn't in, and Mike asked if I still wanted his hair cut. Oh goodness yes. It was wild. See, my eldest child has very curly hair, and it doesn't grow long, it grows UP. I told him he didn't need a haircut, he needed a hedge trim.
While we were there, I decided to get my hair trimmed. If you're a new reader (well, since my last trim), I get my hair trimmed by barbers because they do JUST what I ask. No artful tapering down the sides, no layers, they just trim off how much I ask for trimming. This time was a first. The barber had me stand to trim my hair. It was too long for her to trim while in the chair.
Nicole suggested a new way to attach my electrodes, and it worked wonderfully. Sort of T shaped, with 3 electrodes over the top, and one at the bottom, we took this session very easily, since I was hurting.

After getting Wm's hair cut, and picking up this weeks comics, we went from there to Sicily's Pizza for dinner. Why Sicily's? The food is pretty umm.. boring. But they've got a good salad bar, and it's under 40 dollars for the 4 of us. The kids like it. The have AWFUL creme brulee. You know the sort that LOOKS good but is really sort of grainy. However, I guess if you're an 11 yo girl who loves creme brulee, it's an acceptable thing. So E thinks creme brulee and pizza make it a very good place indeed, she even automatically gets herself a big salad or bowl of fruit there, I don't have to remind her. Sicily's, for the record, is as far as Mike's concerned, the CLOSEST to a true Italian pizza he's had locally. Specifically their cheese pizzas hot from the oven. I don't eat pizza.

Lots of mail yesterday. I got a book to review, and it's a happy book. PMC and mixed media jewelry! I got gorgeously handmade toys for the kitties, a heart and a fortune cookie. Of course Tips tried to bogart the toys.

More later, including finally a picture of my (done) alien scarf.
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Aliens and Skulls..

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Last night, Emily found a print out of a pattern I'd written and was testing, and she read it aloud completely baffled. "I don't know what this means."
Well.. she's a knitter, not a crocheter, and is as bad as I am at following other people's patterns.
I'm growing out my bangs though, so snap clips are utterly essential while I decide if I want to give up bangs or not. Otherwise it's not even a question, because despite all the years I hid behind very long bangs, having them fall in my face now makes me nuts.