September 15th, 2006

pink doily

Bun Cover pt. 2

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In medical news, the tens unit does help. The reusable electrodes though like to get stuck to everything. I highly don't recommend them with way too big boxer shorts. The fabric bunches and next thing you know is your very sexy nightwear (hah. But I LIKE my boxer shorts and teeshirts) is getting the electrical impulse because you knew you didn't have to go anywhere and didn't bother getting dressed. I have 3 big pirate bandaids though. Not 4, but I figure I can use two of them on top and find plain big bandaids for the bottom next time i go out. I'll fly a jolly roger on my back.
I've decided to take a new approach with my drs. I'm writing them a letter explaining exactly how I feel and giving them copies of the journals I keep about how frusterated I get. I *get* I'm too young and healthy looking to be in the kind of pain I'm trying to explain, and I'm too calm explaining it, but honestly.. look at my medical files. I waited a day to go in when I broke my hand. 3 hours when I broke my foot. 2 years on that other matter. I don't LIKE admitting I need help. MOSTLY I get nagged into going. If I'm unhappy enough I'm making appointments and going in without being nagged, it's serious, no matter how "good" I look. (that's what the physical therapist said. I look good.) I'm not asking for miracles. I don't expect to be back up on a stage, or even doing a lot of yoga like I used to. I'm asking for the ability not to have to choose between doing dishes and cooking dinner. And handicapped plates darnit. If I have to be bionic mommy with this thing on my hip to get from point a to point b, I want handicapped plates.
After I got the tens unit, we went to the mall. The kids, Dad and I. Always big fun. Eldest child had a bit of money he wanted to spend on a Naruto headband. I used one of my frequent buyer cards on the purchase. He asked me how he looked. I said "Like a perfect geek" he laughed and said "I have to admit the truth of that statement." Great. Not only a perfect geek, but a perfect geek who starting to speak Vulcan. *grins* Actually it looked good on him, but that's a mom thing, you know, he was shaved. His hair was short. He was wearing a shirt that wasn't 8 years old and had tears in the shoulders. Emily spent her allowance on a Narnia keyring and this big locket from HT. Wm fortunately kept dad distracted while I was paying for the comic books. I can just imagine my very conservative and thrifty dad's reaction to our weekly comic expense. I completely forgot I wanted an extra copy of Cable and Deadpool to cut up. Deadpool talking about duct tape is almost as good as Deadpool talking about his beloved fantasy girl Bea.
I planned on beading today. Not crocheting. I graphed out a jolly roger I'm very happy with I thought would be nice just on a chain. Oh well..