September 12th, 2006


Why do they call it..

monk's cord? This is a great bracelet designed by one of the most awesome people in eljayland. I admit it. I'm just jealous of his magic wand. I want a magic wand. I have wand envy.
I remember when I first learned to make that sort of cording. I made lots of it. I made it in shiny smooth yarns and embroidery floss and all sorts of things, it was in my shoes and drawstrings for purses and braided in my hair and thicker bits used as belts for a Grecian look with some of my dresses.
I don't know if you've noticed it yet, but I'm a bit obsessive. It's not in that "I can't think of anything else to do so my house will be spotless" sort of way, it's more in the "but I can do this and this and this and I need to learn to do this so I can do THIS with it." sort of way.

I'm crocheting my son a set of stuffie dice for his birthday. I have no idea what he would do with such a thing, but the idea entrances me. If anyone catches me thinking of doing a 100d please stop me. Please sit on me and tell me "It's not necessary the die set be that complete" They will have little embroidered numbers.

I never thought of making a bracelet out of it though.
I have this old beat up badly leather bracelet with 5 beads on it, braided, that I want to make myself a new one of. I need to fabricate some of the parts since the original being a piece from a trendy store has cheap metal on.. I want sterling. I want sterling and rubber so it lasts a bit better. I've held on to this bracelet for umm.. must be 13 years now? Maybe 14? It's been in rotten condition for about 11 of them. But I need to at some point make myself a new one.
Not today though. Today.. well.. I've got a pain management appt at 4:00 with my very nice pain management person. I will listen to her and talk to her about the techniques she taught me and explain to her why they work but don't give me what I need. I don't need to lie down when I hurt. I need my life back.
I have a very happy thought for today. There is this nice lady who is sending me booties. She's been very encouraging and absolutely wonderful.
She mentioned wallpaper books in a recent comment, and I commented back to her about my memory of them.
When I was a kid, my grandmother got a few of them, and my brother and I made all sorts of things with them. Crowns and jewelry and books and all sorts of stuff, but what stands out in my memory was sock monsters, Mom asked Adam and I to try and create what we thought a sock monster would look like. You know, those sneaky creatures that steal your socks right out of the wash even if you've got 3 pairs of black socks with pink spots and skulls on them you will wind up with just one? (uh.. yeah. I can't find a pair of my skull socks, it makes me cranky, but I rather suspect an emily monster took them). We clipped and glued and created, and neither of us had the imagination of my youngest who would have done all sorts of wild things, but we had a blast creating our sock monsters. Happy memories. Thank you Marilyn for reminding me of that.
I've decided to pick up shrink plastic for myself and my kids, they will be relieved at a project that doesn't involve the time or steps that something like melted beads or tooling foil does, and I think I need a pair of skull earrings. I want to try baking it with gitd paint on it and see how it holds up, I THINK I have some gitd chalk around here too, so I'll try that as well.
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Fun Shapes

Reynold's has these nifty "fun shape" baking cups. A little fragile, the come 24 to a box that costs less then 1.50 ,and Emily wanted some initially for melting beads in. I pointed out she could also make something in them. We decided (because of how achy I've been for the last few days) to go with mom's super simple "I have to make a dessert but it's a lot of work so I think I'll fudge a bit" cream pies, which are basically pudding mixed with non dairy whipped topping. For mom.. well.. the pudding was instant, so a few extra steps compared to buying pudding premade which is on sale. So was non-dairy whipped topping. So we are using pre-made pudding cups and non-dairy whipped topping (I think Mom used dream whip.) Because both were on sale, we sprung the extra dollar for name brand chocolate flavored graham crackers for the crust.
Crust- zap butter and cracker crumbs. How easy is that?
Filling- mix pudding and topping.
press crust into pans, put in filling.Sprinkle extra crumbs on top. Pop in the freezer. Wow. So easy. Easier still if the 11 yo is doing the mixing, cracker crushing et cetra. :)
The NICE thing about using pudding cups is that we get to mix flavors without the whole hassle of making several kinds of pudding, so we are going with a 1 part butterscotch (for richness) to 3 parts chocolate. The one I made for dad in a pie tin I used vanilla-chocolate for.

So easy. I feel almost guilty. But somehow thinking Mike will enjoy it and compliment Emily's cooking with great praise. So will my dad. But my dad honestly believes chocolate is a food group.