September 11th, 2006


Awfully Productive Morning

Awful because I'm paying for it now and I only woke up 3 hours ago.
I posted the chicken pattern.
I sent emails to people I needed to.
I did the dishes.
I sent my newsletter. I didn't personalize it as usual because by that point I was fading.
Last night I finished that crochet thing I was playing with. The main reason I was making it was to work out the layout of the sequins, and I got close to done and realized I hadn't the faintest idea what it was going to be. It's a pouch. Probably for necessities. The sort I don't need anymore.
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Other then that, remember those masu boxes I said I folded nested sets of?
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Ahh... exciting isn't it? Mike and I have been watching SG-1 together which went too slow for me when it was on tv. We just started season 2.
pink doily

bun cover adventure..

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I talked to Dad, and he asked what I was up to, and I said "Crocheting a bun cover" and he said "You should crochet bun covers for Mike to wear under his maid's uniform."
Now a few of you saw that picture of Mike in a dress right? Is the visual as totally terrifying to you as it to me?
I *told* you I was the normal member of my family.