December 24th, 2005


Elvis is everywhere.

I said to my family today, (because as much as I love them, I think they are incapable of letting me know when it's time to put something on the shopping list, leaving it all up to my ability to remember) "I'm the good mommy. I remembered tortilla chips and cheese whiz. I rock like a rocking thing"
Emily said "No, you're wrong mommy, you rock like Elvis"

The batteries were dead on my camera last night, but I swear to goodness I saw the *worst* crocheted hat ever. It was very well made, gorgeously made, fit the person it was on perfectly.

(flashback to ugliest yarn ever before Bernat Disco)
Mom hated finding crocheted afgans and throws at convenience stores, hated it worse when she found them on the street, she could always see the amount of effort someone put in them. One day she found one on the street that was in a variagated acrylic in rust and orange tones. She picked it up. Brought it home and gave it to me, figuring I could do something with the yarn or the lap blanket (which is all it is)
No. I really can't. I still have the thing, I've washed it and put it away thinking "Mom meant well, there much be something I can do with this yarn" There really really isn't.
This hat had a 4 row stripe of this color which has hopefully been discontinued sometime in the last decade.
The rest of it was a multicolor print yarn. Print yarn means that instead of a variagated ombre effect it's got patches of colors that work up into looking like a print on fabric.
None of the colors on the print yarn matched that rusty orange.
I was just stunned. 1. That someone took the time and loving care to make a hat in THOSE colors
2. That someone WORE it
I thought for a second, what if it were a hat made for charity? But I'd hope a stash buster charity hat would make some attempt at well.. matching.
This hat,more then a Jayne hat, said the man who wore it was afraid of nothing.
I thought it was the ugliest hat I'd see all day. I failed to take into account it was the 23rd of December, and a lot of people were out. I saw a 50 yo woman in a cheetah print pink plush bucket hat.
I got my shopping done. I'm just hoping we can find our batteries.
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Happy Whatever Time of the Year You Celebrate in December.

I hadn't for whatever reason thought of it until just about an hour ago, but a miniature Jayne hat would be incredibly easy to do in peyote stitch. So I think I need to make a mini beaded Jayne hat, or maybe in single needle raw so it will be limper? Anyway, pretty simple. I'm trying to remember all the idea I had today, but I think I need to sort through them later.

More later. After the presents are wrapped and all that other good stuff.

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