December 22nd, 2005

fruity oaty bars

The cone of ecru yarn

I decided to go with a halter top, and experimenting with the celtic knot cable which both got the same number of votes and there is surely enough for both.

A long time ago I wrote an article about how to design crocheted halter tops that was on the net for a while, but I'm not sure where my copy of it is now, plus I make the cups a couple different ways.
The first 2 ways require some counting, both of them you start with a triangle, then reduce and shape it going around it a couple times. Not the easiest, but they do fit well, and I tend to fit them as I go since Kim and I are close to the same cup size a halter that fits me will fit her. (which given how absolutely tiny she is proves that cup size is more important then anything else)

The other way makes a shape sort of like this but already "seamed". (the short inside cuts are the seams)

(blech. ANSI drawing did NOT turn out. Okay.. I'll draw it up in psp in a minute or 3)

What you do is start a base chain that's half the width you want the finished cup to be, with the worsted weight cotton I'm using a size F hook that's 15 chains plus 1 to turn, sc across for the same number of rows as the number of the base chain, so 15 rows in this case, then one more row but instead of turning this row, work 3 scs in the corner, and continue down the side. (31 scs). Chain 1 to turn, and work one sc in each single crochet and do that until you have the same number of rows as your base chain. The sc 31 row for me is the bottom of the cup, your mileage may vary, turn it around, play with it, figure out which way it fits best. Women are not all shaped alike.
Finish off. This makes a single cup for a woman who is endowed. It will have a slight bit of pointiness, but block it and that goes away. Wash and wear it and that goes away. As soon as the yarn softens slightly. It probably wouldn't even be there with something with a little less body then worsted weight cotton. I *think* I haven't tried it yet, that you could do the same thing using dpns and garter stitch. If you need something with more shaping.
After that, making the halter top is all imagination. I've made some that were very simple, and some that were lacy and complex after making the cups. I like to make them so the straps criss cross across the back and tie in back rather then then tying behind my neck because I hate stuff too close to my neck. How close you set the cups also creates cleavage.

Both cups are made for mine, and YAY! The place Mike picked up Serenity at offered 10 dollars of if you got it and Battlestar Galactica season 2 at the same time, so I'm working on it while watching Battlestar Galatica. I hate to admit it, but I've got the biggest crush on Starbuck. From either show.

Speaking of Starbuck.. Emily made me a picture of the mermaid that says "No Starbucks Allowed. It's Stinky"