December 9th, 2005


More bathstuff

Although I need to admit, I'm a little taken back that armpits got more comments then my shawl!
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My family tends to take a lot of things for granted. Admittedly Mike's had nearly 10 years with me to learn to, and my kids have known me and my mom all our lives, and Dad was with mom for over half his life. One of these things is blankets. Just about every blanket in this house was one I made, which means Mike's got several blankets big enough to cover him completely and we sleep with seperate blankets because it varies wildly how much I want on me. Emily's washclothes were all handmade by me.
Spoiled rotten.
But as far as blankets go, what I do for most of them and the background of most of the pictures I take of my crocheting are those heavy fleece blankets. I make them with 2 layers of fleece blanket stitched together with embroidery floss. Even the large sizes cost about 20 dollars to make. I buy the fleece at Joann's while it's on sale, and buy the floss when it's 4 skeins for a 1.00. They take about 2-3 hours to stitch by hand which I do during tv time. The afgans are done in Lion Brand Homespun and take 5-7 skeins of yarn,also bought on sale. Emily's wound up being their disco color which is a blend of teal/black/purple when they discontinued it because it went on sale for 3 dollars. They are the easiest things in the world to crochet. My pattern, if it can be called such, is to chain a length about 6 inches short of how wide I want the blanket to be with a size N hook, then I single crochet it until it's 6 inches short of the total length I want. Then I do single crochets all the way around with 3 single crochets in the corners. slip stitch to join that round, chain 1 to turn, and single crochet in that stitch (the one the chain one comes out of) then chain 3, skip a stitch, and single crochet in the next stitch, do that all the way around, and on the loop, chain 1 and double crochet in the first single crochet of that round, repeat twice, then the next round, chain 1, 3 single crochets in every loop with 5 single crochets in the corners. The 3 chain mesh gives a nice border, and most of the blanket is dense enough that toes don't stick through. I promised Mike an afgan for years and never got it done until I finally did this one for him, and Emily loved his enough I had to make her one too. She also sleeps with her baby blanket. If we are going to the hotel for the weekend it's the first thing that get's packed. It's a simple granny square blanket that's stretched over the years, and she's very good about putting it in the laundry when she needs it cleaned. I don't know I'd be willing to take all the time to make her and her brother nice things if they didn't take such care with them.

Babble babble. This is what I do when I'm awake when I shouldn't be.

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Meme time.
Pick one line that means something to you from the next 5 songs that turn up on shuffle on your mp3 player.
Post the lines.
Let people try to guess which song it is. Googling is cheating

(kind of crippled by still not having gotten over to my brother's to fix my computer!)
1)The only thing holding up a wall are the people who don't tear it down.
2)Organise my brother and sister, we'll win this world, this world again.
3)You were so good with words and at keeping things vague
4)When I say innocent, I should say naive.
5)Your constant need for order has made you such a bore.

I'll screen the answers. Anyone who gets 1, 2 or 5 I'll make an icon, blinkie, bead or crochet graph for.