December 8th, 2005


It's done it's done my happy shawl is done..

of course this means I have no excuse for not working on the necklace that's been tickling the back of my mind.
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Do you remember where you were today in 1980? I cried when I found out John Lennon was dead. I barely knew who the Beatles were, and I was 9 years old, but the song Watching the Wheels was one of my favorite songs. I knew I didn't understand it, and somehow knew I'd understand it later. I think it was the first popular song I knew all the words too.
I wonder what he would have done if he had lived. How he could have changed the world, how his consciousness would have continued to change.
We've never met, but his music has been a leitmotif in my life. Different songs for different points. Some of the best most mature love songs ever written were written by him.
I made myself a 3 hour long MP3 disk off my John Lennon cds a while back, so I'll probably pop that on and listen to his music today while I'm working on whatever it is I work on today.


It amuses me..

To realize suddenly how many of the icons in this thread I made.

Emily just pulled out my Bead The World teeshirt and asked "Mommy, is this yours?" I said "Obviously" She just looked at me. And I said "Do you want me to wash it?" and she said "Uh huh" and I said "So you can wear it as a night shirt?" and she said "uh huh" and walked off smiling. Subtle yes? Like a shirt that reads "Bead the World" would be Mike's? It does need to be washed though. It looks like one the cats has slept on it. A lot.

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Boy I've posted a bunch today haven't I?

Anyway, this paid account is only good for about another month and half. However, I'm getting numerous complaints about the layout.

So I'm willing to change it, and I'm willing to take suggestions, because trust me,the things I'm thinking of? Could be painful.