December 7th, 2005

alien beader

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Mike's got his presents. A new sound system and a little cheap MP3 player that is enough for what he wants. He's got it loaded with Pinkard and Bowden, Weird Al, MC Hawkings and Rodney Carrington. Gadgety goodness. I still need to get him something to open on Christmas and I'm planning on finding him a good flashlight. He loves flashlights, so does Emily.

Emily is annoyed with me. I found the game William wanted for Christmas, and she's all full of Christmas plans for him. She's loaded an old velvet purse of mine with her coins and dollars she's saved up. I pointed out the game would have probably cost her every cent of it (not to mention the complete annoyance of the clerk having to count out 30 dollars worth of saved up coins)
Also found last night: A gorgeous hematite and silver bracelet I made myself when I worked with silver more often. It used to be a slave bracelet but parts of the handflower broke off, I think it's prettier now for 5 years of tarnish. It's blackened silver. I also found part of an old costume of mine that's a halter top made of some stretchy fabric edged with crochet. It's not that good, it's something that must have been given to me, but it's something I can definately work with the idea off of it.
The purse Emily is using is something I bought a few years ago from a local artist. It's velvet with a stamped design and bead trimming. Very fancy to be used by a little bit of girl in bright pink fleece pants.
I also found YARDS of stretchy sequin stuff. Way back when I used quite a bit of it for costumes. I've got gold and the opal white. What sort of sparklies can I make with now?
I didn't finish my shawl last night, I got distracted. I was very very tired by about 5, but we had to run some errands. I didn't even cook dinner! We went to Mc Donalds which was quite a treat for Emily since we really haven't had it in our budget this month with the holidays and some other stuff going on.

If I had a sooper sekrit power..

It would be distraction. I can get distracted so easily.

I was going to go finish up my shawl, but decided to take a shower, and while I was rinsing the vinegar out of my hair, I was thinking of the stories on the news lately about the possible danger of anti-perspirant.
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Before you all get the wrong idea about me being some granola eating patchouli and fleece wearing (fleece really is this century's answer to flannel isn't it?) flower child.. not even close to the truth. The truth is that I'm incredibly girly. I can't imagine giving up my makeup, I have reasonably long fingernails, I wear dresses and skirts *all* the time. I shave my legs and wax my eyebrows. If my 15.00 a bottle shampoo worked better then baking soda, I'd use it and hang the enviromental effects. It doesn't. Some things like laundry soap are because of my allergy problems. I have to double rinse anything I wash with laundry detergent and sometimes my clothes still itch, but when I use Dr. Bronner's sal suds or his soap for my laundry or even e.o.s I don't have a problem. I don't use commercial soaps for the same reason. If you can't afford handmade soap, I do suggest giving Dr. Bronner's a try. I'm not fanatic enough about anything not to look for other solutions. While making lipbalm exactly to my specs only takes 20-30 minutes, sometimes it's more convenient to buy it, so I found a couple brands that Mike and I both like that don't cost too much (still a LOT more expensive then making it from scratch though)

Ah well.. I'm rambling.