December 6th, 2005


free yarn and shawl progress

I did finally get my Bernat Disco at my dad's house, I had him open the package because he wasn't clear on who it came from, he described it to me and I said "it's really ugly isn't it?" I got the brown though, so I'm happy.

Here's the problem. I had him open it. It included a catalog. So he opened that. And *described* things to me out of it. Page numbers. The free patterns. All of that.
If you simply can not stand your free yarn, send it to me. I know I can use it. Especially if you got the brown.
(google bernat disco if your interested, I'm sure you can find a link to the free yarn offer if it's still good. I'm just not sure and too lazy to google it right now)

He described it in *detail* which scarves he liked, so I asked (logically enough to my way of thinking) "Would you like me to make you a scarf?" He said no, he wouldn't use it, but spent at least 10 minutes explaining to me *why* he liked the one in the catalog he was looking at.

He told me there were lots of things I could make and a coupon and special deals and on and on and on.

You know that part of Clue:The Movie? "To make a long story short.." "too late"
That's my dad.
Crochet Geek Speak:
I wound up frogging the border. So I could do it exactly how I envisioned it. The first round is a shell border which at the bottom point to set it up for the final round needed to be one shell on either side of the point and instead wound up being a centered shell. So I frogged it, and restarted the border using a half shell at the top corner. I've got that round almost done. :) 90% of the shawl is in singles and chains, I don't think triples count as advanced, so do you think it's okay if I use them on the final round? I want it to be a fairly simple pattern for beginners, but IF you shift the the shells by one half shell, it can be ended with that row.

2 months now shampoo free. Still thrilled with it. I do miss suds sometimes, but my hair is so much healthier it's amazing, I've had one trim since I gave up shampoo and I don't need to dust my hair anymore. Mixing the vinegar ahead of time and putting it into an old shampoo bottle works well for me, but the baking soda I need to mix fresh everytime. I keep an old margerine tub in the shower to mix it in. I found that if I pre-mixed that, it settled and bits of the baking soda dried and clogged the bottle, plus getting cold meant that it just didn't mix as nicely when I shook the bottle. The vinegar is infused rather then making teas to mix in with it. I have rosemary and lavender both in it. I rinse it very well and never have even a trace of vinegary smell afterwards. Actually my hair smells just clean. No shampoo smells to clash with my perfume.


Total Stash Enhancement eXperience..

And I didn't even leave home.

I went into the spare room to look for some books for William. As I've mentioned before, we never completely unpacked. We need more shelves rather desprately. I found a box of acrylic yarn. I'll donate it somewhere or use it for quickie doll blankets or something. One ball of a nice weight of dark lavender thread/yarn, a bag of leather scrap, my FOREDOM!!!!! *cheers wildly* my favorite vintage paste necklace which I need to find replacement stones for.. none of the books I was looking for, but a few others I hadn't realized I had in there, and 3 of my missing cds.

I'm so very happy.
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