December 4th, 2005



My name is Shala, and I think I've got a problem.

I'm not sure entirely when it started. The truth is that most of the time I have a problem with cute. Stuffed animals leave me cold, and I dislike puppies.

Most of the time. I love miniatures. I have the most amazing dollhouse. It's got lights and running water. It's 2 stories, and simply huge, all on a 1:12 scale.
I like to make miniature things, I like to buy miniature things. I want a working 1:12 scale grandfather clock so badly I can't stand it.
When I was a kid we had the obligatory National Geographic subscription. One issue they did a story on the Royal dollhouse. Working vaccum cleaners, millions of tiny lights, all so sparkly and gorgeous.
It's a problem. I even like cute little things, not just miniature works of art.
I once coptic bound a book 1x1 inch just to prove I could coptic bind a book that small.

So on to the point (you knew one had to be here somewhere right?), I also love to cook, and lately I've been wanting to cook miniature food. Peter Callahan makes the most gorgeous tiny food for parties and such, and has some recipes up at the Martha Stewart site. I want to make tiny gingerbread houses and cookies the size of the tip of my pinkie. I want to talk about tiny food. I've made tiny polymer clay fairies holding equally tiny cookies before (unfortunately I don't have pictures of my fairies)
I created a community, mini_food to talk about miniature food. Recipes, crafts, whatever.
Today I made little grilled cheese sandwiches, as little as I could practically make without baking a tiny loaf of bread especially for them.
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I hope you'll consider joining. Even if tiny food is cute.

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