December 3rd, 2005


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My mother despaired of me ever following patterns when I was younger. It took me a long time to understand why. It's not that she wanted to stifle my creativity, it was that she wanted me to learn proper construction techniques so that when I designed, I knew them.

I'm still bad at following patterns, but I will say that years of doing doiley from magazines instead of just trying to design them myself did teach me the basic mathmatical principles of designing in crochet.

My shawl is going very well. It's about kid sized now, but I'm not a kid so it's not the right size for me yet. I think when it's done the bottom point will be just below my butt. I knew it would work up fast, even for me, I'm pretty slow at crocheting, but it's working up faster then I even suspected, and it is a completely brainless project at least for the main body of it. I'm glad the mesh pattern works. I'm trying to decide between a scalloped lacy edging or fringe. I like the look of both, but never really feel like the fringe type.

I'm watching Charmed season 3 while working on it, and spotted a sweater that I just fell in love with. I need to remember to screencap it for Rosemary. I need to get better at knitting. I can see *how* to make it, but without being a lot faster at knitting, I won't take the time to work out the pattern.
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If you are a fan of my printables, you know that yearly I do a couple calender type things. I still haven't gotten over to my brother's to get the data off my second drive, but this morning I did make the base year calender for the smaller calender stuff.
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More later. I'm bleary eyed from getting everything just the way and size I like these things.