December 1st, 2005

alien beader

Glowy things..

Okay, finished my bracelet, and it took a lot less beads then I would have suspected. I always forget just how big 8s are. It looks good though, and yes, I ducked into the darkest room in the house to see it glow. I used one of my stash of GITD lampwork beads for the clasp. I'm happy with it.

So getting ready to write it up for everyone as soon as I finish the current round of unsubs, but here's the problem, finding one of the sellers on the internet I really like who HAS GITD size 8 beads. First I'll email Charlene and see if she has them but hasn't listed them on her page yet. For anyone who likes working with larger then seedbeads, she does have an amazing selection. I know. I just went through the whole list. If not her, then obviously I'll check Betcey, Beki and well..Julie is still have problems getting her site back up unfortunately.

But my oh my, it does look good. At the end, I started thinking very sappy thoughts. The reason I design so much stuff with aliens is because of Mike. People used to say he *must* be an alien, this guy who spoils me so much.. no man could be that good. I was never much into aliens before. Now I have purses and stickers and a nifty new GITD bracelet with aliens on it.

Oh yeah, I also finished my hat since I said I was going to before I started any other projects. I'll get a picture of it later and hope for the best, but if I can't get a good picture I'm not going to post it.
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