November 30th, 2005

pink duck

Official terrified..

I'm pretty good about a lot of crafty stuff. I think Red Heart yarn has it's place, and so does eyelash yarn. I use plastic pony beads in crochet, and do on occasion work in plastic canvas. I'm even working on a plastic canvas beaded version of the "kiss" ornaments.
I have gotten better about saying "It's nicely done" instead of "Why in the hell would spend those kinds of hours making that??"

Sometimes though it's necessary to just ask why

It's gorgeously done. It took someone a lot of hours to do.

But WHY??

Now I feel this insane urge to graph out the WWE RAW logo and stitch it up. For no reason but to show it off and to see how many people ask (beg) for the pattern and tell me how wonderful it is. I'm almost willing to waste that much time just as one of those inside jokes like my gothic poetry maker.


For a lot of very good reasons, Bella thinks that if people are going to be unsubbed from our newsletters they should be unsubbed manually, which means everytime I send them, I have to go through bounce notices to figure out if someone is just overquota or if they just don't have that address anymore. I've got almost as many people on my personal newsletter list as are on Beads In Fashion (my bead email group).

So I see a lot of reasons why mail is undeliverable. "mailbox does not exist" "can't find user" "user does not exist"

Today though one made me giggle, reason for not delivering "Never heard of her"
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Mike's not home from work yet. He needs to hurry or I'll put a ribbon in my hair and lipstick on.

*grins* He's been awfully sweet the last couple days, I don't handle the holiday season well and he's distracting me.

Want a heart blinkie like this one? Ask. If I have the time I'll make you one for Christmas.
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