November 24th, 2005


Thankful for..

Mike and the family obviously.
New relationships with family members, my sister and a cousin. Even if being 13 years younger it sometimes seems they speak a completely different language then I do. My kids aren't hip or cool or even vaguely into trendy things so they can't translate for me either.
Home cooking. This has been the first year after a couple disasterous relationships I've been able to cook regularly, I'm one of those people who can't create when I feel like people are watching over my shoulder or taking it for granted or nagging. Mike's been patient, and now his patience is rewarded. Used to be the only time he could count on me cooking was Thanksgiving, this year, he's been able to count on it fairly regularly.
Amazing friends, and a relationship that while it doesn't replace my mother, does help fill the gap left when she died. I'm always grateful for all my friends and simply shocked that there are so many people out there who love me and who I love. The relationship with R though is something fairly new and very wonderful. Simply having someone who is very interested in everything I'm doing inspires me to do more, and I hope I have the same influence on her.

On a completely petty note, size 8 glowy beads. Yep yep. I got those today. I was originally planning on just getting thread then Emily ran up to me "LOOK MOMMY! they GLOW!" So I got those, size 8 black beads, and size 8 pink beads. I'm going to try graphing a 3 bead netted alien bracelet. :)
edit: and going to my webpage, I find that my 3 bead paper there is some of the very old and not all fixed and pretty paper. So first, I need to make new graph paper.
No shampoo now for well over the 2 week trial period. My hair is thicker, healthier with noticeably fewer split ends. I wouldn't recommend it for anyone with dry hair, but I've found that castile soap works well for Emily and I can skip the jojoba oil now for her. I dust my hair, which is a term for going through it every so often and ONLY clipping the splits. Last time I found 1. Yep. Just one. I'm one of those people whose hair usually splits at a harsh word. I'm so happy.
Links for nice things to consider for holiday presents:
Gladheart Acres soap and lipbalm I'm hooked on this stuff. The rose flavored lip balm they make is as good as mine, and saves me the time making it, and their soaps are wonderful. I'm currently using a bar of forget-me-not. It's a nice family business, during the summer they have a booth at the Saturday Market run by the daughters under the supervision of an adult and they are the most polite girls you've seen in your life. They will always hold aside a tub of my rose lipbalm if they know I'm coming.
Blue Bonsai Coffee nope. Not gonna stop pimping this stuff. Because you see, it's really that good. The flavor lasts with you and ruins you for anything less. Again, awesome owner. She's given me discounts in the past to encourage me to try her other types of coffee, all of her dark roasts are perfect, without any hint of that burnt I'm trying to imitate Starbuck's signature flavor nastiness.

Stuff you can buy everywhere, consider a bottle of Dr. Bronner's soap and a handmade washcloth. I make mine from hemp twine which gets incredibly soft when it's wet and keeps it's texture better then cotton. For my daughter I make them with worsted weight cotton scraps. There is a reason why Dr. Bronner's has been around for as long as it has with just word of mouth advertising.

Another one of my favorite quickie crafts is henna stenciled wooden boxes. I buy the cheap cheap ones from Michael's and little knob feet, use wood glue to glue the feet to the bottom then spray paint the box a base color, then I lay the stencils sticky side up on top (I don't like trying to remove the residue) and spray paint again with another color. They turn out so pretty, I've also done a couple with stencils I've made on my home computer, but without having access to my D drive, I can't offer you those except the ones in my photobucket account, Nema, there is a Jayne one in there.
Anyone who wants to make something for Emily, I do have a suggestion. If you have any of those flat card magnets (like pizza companies give out)that you just don't care about, paint them and decorate them for her, or glue something new to the front or just send it as is. The child is magnet crazy. We make a lot of magnets through out the year and she never gets tired of them.We have them both on our front door and on the fridge. It's odd, but craft supplies, magnets and flashlights have consistently been the best possible presents for her. She's STILL using the post-its R sent her. I keep finding notes everywhere.