November 14th, 2005


Happiness is..

An awful lot of things, but good deals make me incredibly happy. I got some really great deals shopping this weekend.

I picked up a couple copies of a goffy type magazine for 50¢ each that have neat art in them for my duct tape projects, plus pages of white print on black that will make nifty stars for bracelets.
I got my dad a batman comforter for 15.00 which made me insanely happy. He's been complaining he needs new blankets and I haven't finished his yet. So why does it make me so happy? For a very silly reason. He's nearly 60. I know he will NOT bring a woman his age into his room where she might see that Batman blanket. Not that he's shown any interest in dating really.

The memory part of Saturday.

I thought about bringing the children to a nice sit up straight restaurant, but instead after LOTS of shopping, we stopped for Mexican near the hotel and brought Mike something from there. For the special treat part of the day, we stopped at my favorite coffee/tea shop downtown where I let the kids each pick a mini tin of cocoa and got them each a teaspoon. When we got back to the hotel, I let them make their cocoa, and coincedentally enough, for whatever reason, I had both a starlight mint and a butterscotch in my purse, Emily had picked candy cane flavored cocoa, and William picked butterscotch, so both dropped a piece of candy in their cocoa cups. We sat around the table discussing books and proper teas, and I apologised for not getting them bicuits to have with their cocoa.

Poor Mike worked harder then he does in the summer on one of these weekends. There was a major dinner that night, so he was up for about 20 hours. We were both incredibly happy to be home. We stopped by the grocery store to pick up something for me to make for dinner (after a weekend of hotel food he was SO ready for my cooking) and I got a bribe so my cat would forgive me for leaving. It worked.

I didn't work on my hat all weekend. i had the best of intentions, but got caught up reading and being terribly self indulgent. Hopefully I can get it finished this week!