October 30th, 2005


eye test and badge holders

I went in for my final test, which was actually just a repeat of the previous several tests but all at once. Have I mentioned exactly how much I hate the field of vision test?

So it's done, and the result is that I currently have no damage to the nerve, but I do need to get tested more often, it was once every 2 years, and I need to be checked again in June, if the results of that turn out okay, then I need to be tested yearly.

Fear of going blind will definately ensure I'm on top of my eye appointments.

It snowed and stuck, so there is a half inch of snow on the ground, and the sun is bouncing off of it very brightly.

So I got some badge holders half price at Hell mainly for the hardware, the clips are a nicer quality then what I can usually find at my lbs, I'm trying to recall which of my friends use badges at work. Back home in time for Mike's cooking shows so he's a happy Michael. Stopped and got coffee on the way home, so I've got my very precious Blue Bonsai Empress Blend. Yum yum!!!

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