October 22nd, 2005


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Went to the Knitting Grounds last night. For what it's worth, the place has, as Mike puts it "a more secure location then any government agency". It's nearly impossible to find and without one little yellow sign on the street, we would have wondered if it really existed, but there was a sign there, with a phone number, so Mike called, and we got instructions.
I priced out yarn for the shawl I want, and found out it will cost about 70.00 to make it with yarn bought locally, so now I need to decide if I want to support local buisness or just go ahead and order it online. I did buy 3 skiens of an alpaca/angora mix to make a scarf for myself with, and hit the lot end half price bin to grab a couple skeins of a creamy wool to make Emily a hat with, if they had more then 3 skiens of it I would have picked her up enough to make her a nice wool shawl, but a nice wool hat will be great.

There was a tiny hank of Quivit. 54 yards. Do you want to know what it cost? I know you do. 22.50. It was marked down a whole 2 dollars.
So now I know where 3 of the local yarn stores are!!! The Knitting Grounds is open until 10 on Friday nights which I think will be incredibly convenient.

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