October 9th, 2005


Jeremiah and Serenity

One of the things I like best about both of these shows is how much there is for hand knit and crocheted clothing. Think about it, in a frontier society like the outskirts of the Alliance is, or in a post apocalyptic like in Jeremiah, knitting and crocheting would make a lot of sense, so would quilting, old fashioned patchwork made with patches instead of brand new fabric. Societies like that make recylcing necessary instead of a socially consious thing to do.A torn shawl could be darned, or unraveled to create something new, and history has proven swaths of fabric like saris and shawls are a very effective way of protecting modesty and protecting skin again the enviroment.Darning machine knit mass produced socks isn't necessary, socks are cheap, but I know people who can and will darn good pairs of handmade socks and wear them for years.I know, everyone reading this knows this already. It's like WW2 retrospectives on PBS, preaching to the converted.
I don't have my copy of Jeremiah season 1 right now, I loaned it to a friend who loves Bab 5 and likes Luke Perry and is busier then me, I'll get it back eventually and screencap the shawl that inspired my granny square shawl.
I'd like to put together a list of links of patterns based on sci-fi or fantasy shows, although actually a lot of the things I'd love to see patterns for were never worked out except by the original designers, like some of the gorgeous things Inara and River wore in Firefly. I'm working on them as I can. If you have any links, please let me know, the internet is growing so fast with free patterns that the major indexers can't keep up, much less a hobbyist like me, but there NEEDS to be an index of sci-fi/fantasy patterns and of good goth and punk patterns.
Buffy had some nice handknits in it too yes? And obviously there are a ton of HP inspired pieces both from the books and the movies.
I'm a hoarder. I never quite know when I'll need something specific. I can get rid of clothes and such sometimes, but if it's too ruined to donate, I'll clip the buttons off for future use, jeans.. those I can't get rid of. I haven't set up my sewing machine in years, but I know when I do, I'll want all those outgrown pairs of jeans for potholders and bed spreads and purses. I think I have 30 or 40 pairs that members of my family have outgrown or ruined. Emily's I give to a friend who has a daughter a couple years younger, the rest I keep, Emily after all doesn't wear them out, she outgrows them, and this little girl has a similar sense of style, so the ribbon embroidered pairs of jeans and jackets I decorate for E get a couple years of use with her, then her mom turns them into purses or cuts around my embroidery to patch favorite flowers on other items of her clothes.
My dad is thrifty. Thrifty in my NSHO to the point of silliness. When I told him I was thinking of using the black pairs of jeans he gave me with busted out buttons and such for practice silkscreening, he asked if I could silk screen him mini patches to patch the 5.00 shirts I buy him from hot topic, so I'm working on a set of tiny designs that he would consider wearable. Little skulls and bats and such, sometimes he's got a very punk sensibility and these are shirts that having tiny holes in them he only uses for work now.

In other news of recycling and hoarding, I've got a stack of ruined comics, they had things spilled on them, or got torn when someone stepped on them. If you are a part of the purse swap and would like random comic pages to craft with, let me know. I *think* I have an unused sticker/lamination cartridge for my xyron and could possibly even make you sticky sheets.