September 25th, 2005


Soo sleepy..

Today I finished the shawl I started earlier this week for Emily. It was stash yarn, you know, yarn that's simply an amazing price.. so you HAVE to get it, then you get it home and realize even for practice, you dislike it.
This was that yarn. Worsted weight cotton which is my most commonly used yarn, but it was a garish colorway. Green and pink and white and just painful to even consider even potholders in (I tried though), a full cone, and only 5 dollars. So after starting a half dozen things, I finally did a shawl for Emily. Simple granny square variation with a scalloped shell edging. It's her biggest shawl to date because she kept wanting it bigger. Once it was done, the yarn wasn't so awful. It's not something I'd wear, but she likes bright colors. Preferably not matching. Today she wore 5 different shades of pink.

We went out to Michaels because they were doing a make it and take it demo, and I got some ribbon and felt and a kids knitting book. I WILL learn to knit more then just tiny beaded bags! There was this little pin in it which really inspires me. I'll have to play with the ideas I'm having.

If tomorrow is half decent, I think we may go out kite flying. We haven't been in awhile.
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