September 22nd, 2005



black felt- shoot. I'm out. I keep forgetting. I have black sparkly felt though and that will do.
black 3/8th inch stretch lace for strap= MIA. okay.. dig under desk, dig in craft boxes. cuss up a storm, and finally decide to use plain black elastic, check the drawer I keep plain black elastic in and theres the stretch lace.
cut out pieces. Get white felt cut out for skull.
Ask Emily "Do you want a skull on your eyepatch?"
"What do you want on it?"
"A pink heart"
"A pink heart??"
"I'm a nice pirate"
Which led to a discussion about treasure boxes full of conversation hearts and somehow to bat shaped peeps.
okay.. check felt. Have pink but not sparkly. I have sparkly purple though. "Would a purple heart with pink stitching be okay?"

okay.. Lost is on. I finish it while watching Lost.
Then I did the skull one. Because I'm certain I can find a home for a felt skull eyepatch out of sparkly stuff with a stretch lace band. Which says something very neat about my friends. I thought about my mom and her recurrent eye infection problems and what I would design to cover her awful bandages if she were around. Maybe I'll make a couple in not so silly designs for people like her. Sell them on the art site I've been asked to join or something.

Pictures coming soon. But that was really a lot more work then it should have been.

Funny things= My brother told me my niece shops at Hot Topic. It's her favorite store. He does not. It makes him feel "old"
Did I mention he's younger then me? I'm the oldest of the 3 of us. Frequently, silver hair and all, I feel like I'm younger then the other two. At least as far as style and a sense of fun goes. I told him most of our dad's shirts were from HT. Which makes our dad cooler then him.

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