September 7th, 2005


the 80s

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I use Classic Elite Star yarn, I originally bought 5 skiens to use for a halter top, then realized that with the amount of stretch it has it just won't work, even very tight single crochets would turn into netting with it, so I've been working on other projects with it, it's 99% cotton with 1% lycra wrapped around to make it stretchy. It's a bit tricky to work with (R warned me about that, tension is a pain with this stuff) but the results are worth it completely. It costs about 6 dollars a skein and is wonderful for making headbands with too, so crocheted headbands are my current brainless project of choice while I'm watching tv. I use a size E hook with it.

Other things on my table right now:
Origami earrings still, making cranes and stars for them
a bracelet design of my dad's. Complicated by the fact he knows nothing about beads and I'm going off a very basic sketch
A felt eyepatch and a crocheted eyepatch, Emily wants to be a pirate for Halloween and agrees with me that the plastic costume ones are ugly and that I can do something better for her. So I'm making up a couple choices for her. One is going to be spangled with sequins.