August 29th, 2005


scarf piccy finally..

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Kind of a cool trip the dr. I had to tell him what I was there for and remind him that I needed blood work. "So your here for refills?" "And maybe you might want to draw blood and see how my meds are working for me?" "Yeah, maybe we should. I like to do it every couple of months" Me "It's been 3"

Mike asked me why I haven't asked for my case to reassigned yet.
Okay.. so that's not the cool part.

The guy at the pharmacy was cool, and I gave him some restaurant recommendations. I mean.. if you live in Anchorage and haven't stopped by Tommy's Burger Stop yet..

Essential. Truly.

Then out in the waiting room was this guy with a CANE.
I mean.. seriously.. A cane that just made me go WOW.
and I thought.. hey.. I have my camera.
I didn't even say anything to Mike and Emily who were waiting for me. Dropped my meds on their laps, and walked over to the guy with the CANE, and asked if I could take a picture of it. I normally forget my camera, but I had it today!
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More later.

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