August 2nd, 2005


I'm awful at guessing..

Net.. and uh.. uh.. it's a CI right? It's gotta be. I also have a journal that is all about me me me. It's really boring, but if you want the link and you are a CI, I'll give it to you.
Last night was really very fun. I saw Miss Teri, who has the most incredible piece of bead embroidery! Her work just is absolutely inspiring. It was a sparkly purple scissors case with a matching peyotied thimble. She gave me a sparkly. I'm a magpie. It's in my nest with my other sparklies.

I got compliments on my skull earrings by someone who said "Are those SKULLS?" which was very reassuring. You know how it is when you're done with something like that, you've stared at the beads long enough to wonder if it's actually something recognisiable because you see the individual beads.

Current projects= Two KiSS dolls, a crocheted purse, and a dutch spiral that uses one of Donna's wonderful cabs as a centerpiece.