July 11th, 2005


it's in my blood..

One of the things I did this weekend was go to the museum. One of my favorite things about the museum is the displays of how people lived in Alaska for the past 1000 years. There are gorgeous examples of beads made from teeth, and of the delicate geometric inlay work in fur to create patterns before beads came up here with traders. There are also examples of Athabaskan beadwork.
Some of the pictures I took didn't turn out, too much glare from the gallery lighting. I'll try again when I'm not avoiding a huge tourist group.
Clicky clicky for pictures, I took some pictures of the incredible applique patchwork done with thin tanned animal skins for you singingwolf, I figured you'd be most interested in that. beadslut you can't see them well, but there is a picture of an Athabaskan costume that includes Russian blues.
All the pictures simply titled Costume are from an Athabaskan display.

If you don't know, I'm half Athabaskan.

Current project: Beaded witch bracelet, in square stitch. I designed the silly thing in square stitch so I could post a project tomorrow that included a technique (square stitch) and could stripe for that whole Hogwarts look. Of course I won't call it anything like that. Trademarks and copyrights and all that, but the patterns say "Wizard" "Witch" and "Magical"

I forgot exactly how SLOW square stitch is. I knew I disliked it. I knew it would go quicker if I did 2 beads at a time, but wouldn't look as neat, so I'm doing it a bead at a time. SOOO slow. If I could figure out where I put my little loom I'd do one of the patterns on that just to get it done quicker.
AND my scanner doesn't work in XP. So I'll have to photograph it. BAH!