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Recycling and repurposing

Remember my recycled packaging mini matchbooks? I decided the small scale was the perfect thing to try the aluminum foil thing I want to do on comp books with the kids.

First thing I did was cut and fold the cover.

Then I cut out tiny squares and glued them, layered, in a simple pattern on the top.

Then, using spray adhesive, I covered them in used, washed, aluminum foil, then I darkened it with black acrylic paint, and rubbed off the excess to bring out the details, and sprayed with a clear sealer. Refolded, stapled in the paper.

Since I wasn't sure how well the foil would hold up on the little lip to hold the cover in place or on the edge of the cover that got tucked, I covered them with clear tape just to keep it a bit more secure. I think on the comp notebooks, I might go ahead and buy some of the shiny foil type for the edges.

I just have to say, I *love* this camera for taking nice close up shots!
Tags: kids crafts, paper, paper arts, recycled crafts, recycling

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