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101 Things To Do With An Empty Cereal Box (wip)

I dreamt I was an origami bird commander being followed by paper sharks, and when I woke up, I asked Mike how a sheet of paper wound up sheet of paper sized? Because really? It's a neat rectangle. If you fold in half the right way, it keeps the same proportions. If you fold down the top diagonally to make a square, what's left is a dollar bill proportioned piece. He didn't know the answer though. But he did pat my back and tell me the paper sharks weren't going to cut me to pieces.

But that made me wonder what all could you do with a cardboard box? Not the big huge kind you get occasionally, LOTS of uses for thoses, but the lightweight kind like cereal boxes.

101 Things To Do With An Empty Cereal Box
(list in progress, please make suggestions)

1. Cut yourself a set of tangrams.
2. Use to create the skeleton of a duct tape purse
3. Make little gift boxes with it in different sizes.
4. mini notebooks. Seriously, scratch paper or paper that's only been printed on one side cut down and stapled into a little "matchbook" made of cardboard that size is handy in a purse.
5. Make a boat out of it. My daughter has boats out of all sorts of things, she saves her drinking straws from when we go out for the masts.
6. HEY! Cool holiday/movie themed packaging. If you have a spiral binder, spiral bind a small notebook.
7. This stuff? Really perfect for ATCs if you aren't too worried about acid content, but also you can cut a window template with it, where you cut a window out of a sheet that's the size of an ATC, then you position the window on your magazine page or whatever your using and find a piece of the page that looks right. The neat thing about this method is that it lets you look at a magazine page differently, in diagonal or whatever until you find that just right piece.
8. Quilt templates or patterns for all sorts of things.
9. Build an armature for a paper mache piece.
10. Put a cat toy in it, and make your cat paw it out. Hours of entertainment! beaddreamer maybe cut holes in it, and put in a crocheted ball filled with catnip then tape the box shut? A little more challenge?
11. valentine boxes from omega85
12. Stencils, a little sturdier then paper.
13. foil and cardboard go together nicely. Not just notebooks, think crowns and costume accessories as well.
14. This wonderful waller!
15. Weave a placemet
4 ideas from plum pudding
16.a puppet theater
17.Check out thisadorable toy.
18.Postcards and envelopes! With instructions for an envelope.
19.Traveling felt boards
From meepa 20-27
20. Cover with contact paper or not.. and pick one of the narrow sides to be the back, and from the top corner of the back, cut diagonal lines down both wide sides to about 4 inches from the bottom of the box on the opposite edge. Cut a straight line connecting the two diagonal lines on the front narrow side. Magazine holder! Adding the contact paper makes them a bit stronger. Don't forget to add a label for the name of the magazine and the years.
21. Binder tab separators, when I can't get free ones from the student recycling place. I cut off the two big faces, cut down to an appropriate size for my binder, then just hole-punch with my hole-punch. The advantage is that I can have the tab exactly where I want it and sized the way I want it, so I can have a big tab for my notes and then like little tabs for things like the course syllabus.
21. I also use them cut down to slip into homework drop boxes as a late/not-late separator and to separate homework while grading it.
22. Put them in the bottom of my reusable shopping bags as a stiffener.
23. Doll house furniture, but don't just think cereal boxes. I remember making cradles out almost any cylinder shaped box I had too! Most furniture is pretty basic shapes when you break it down.
24. Emergency cd/dvd cases. (from me: and on that note, folders of almost any sort. You could make mini folders to hold coupons for shopping or to save receipts)
25. Use to keep extra paper for your printer. You can cut in any shape that's going to be most convenient for you.
26. Drawer organizer. You can make separators or even custom boxes to keep drawers nice and neat, or in her specific example, keep your drawers in your drawers neat! (sorry, I couldn't resist)
27. And this? is brilliant. Since they hold food, they are food safe and make good disposable cutting boards.
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