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Crochet Bunny Take 1

I made the head too long though, I know that. So next one will have a shorter head.

Note the button eyes instead of the beads I usually use? That's because I made it with button joints!

Button joints on crocheted animals are really easy. I used 4 hole buttons, and a longish needle that fit through the holes on the button. I also used embroidery floss, all 6 strands.

You pull the thread through the body leaving a 4 inch tail on one side where you want one leg/arm to be, and push the needle and thread through the other side, then through the leg and button, across to the hole diagonal from the button hole you came out of, then down that hole, back into the leg, and very carefully into the same hole in the crochet you came out of. Push it through the animal's body to the other side, and come out of the same hole your thread tail is coming out of, through the other leg and button, down the diagonal hole, then knot the thread ends, pull the leg up snug. Since it's stuffed, you'll be able to squish it down to make sure you get the rest of the stitching in the right holes. Push the needle and thread back in that hole, and come out the other side from the same hole the first leg/button was put on, through the leg, and make the other diagonal stitch across the button, back down through the leg, into the body (same hole!) and across to the other side to make the second diagonal stitch on the other side, knot thread tails again securely, I used a double knot. Push the needle and thread through the body, and come out of the bottom, pull the thread a bit tight so the body is scrunched up a bit, and clip thread. When it goes back to it's original not scrunched shape, the thread end will be in the animal. Put the needle on the thread tail and do the same thing.

And there you have it, a button jointed animal. E, who was originally doubtful about having a camo bunny, wound up deciding a button jointed camo bunny was about the coolest thing she'd ever seen, and took it from me. She gave it back to me to take pictures, but followed me outside while I was taking the pictures.

I gave Wm his replacement ninja, and he seemed very happy, and not at all in a "Mom, I'm 16, and too old for such things, but I'll look happy because you clearly want me to be" sort of way. Before I did, I threw it at Mike and yelled "SECRET NINJA ATTACK!" and Mike said "I want a secret ninja stick. Nobody would see it coming." When I told Dad about it, he agreed, and said they should have Secret Ninja 2x4s. So guess what I'm making them for Christmas? You guessed it. I'm painting them both 2x4s to look like ninjas.
"You didn't see it coming? That's because it was a ninja!"

I still have half a skein left of the ugly acrylic camo yarn. What now?
Tags: bunny, button joints, camo yarn, crochet, ninja, patterns
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