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Creating the Beaded Flipflop

Subtitle- Or the first Flop

A friend of mine recently suggested I never have failures in crafting, which is silly. Everyone does. I just don't usually show mine.
When I had the idea to create a beaded flipflop, the idea seemed inspired. I graphed several.

In theory, it should have worked. The actuality was in fact too big, too long, too pointy, and besides, I didn't have any yellow beads.

So back to the drawing board. Fortunately, the second design did turn out how I envisioned it.
Click on the image for the pattern.

It's not my worst first try at something, the first scarf I knit for Mike had a definate flare, and I've got little bits and pieces of netted lacy beadwork that didn't turn out at all like I'd planned, and a lot of you saw the original bats I "drew" for a mood theme. I just keep trying until it is something I'm willing to show off.

FYI, when your daughter is watching Monty Python, it's really hard to stop laughing long enough to type decent instructions!
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