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Happy Pink Sock Girl


Size 4 hook, size 10 thread, store bought socks.
(I buy lots of plain white socks because my daughter tends to wear mine instead of her own)

make a loop and insert the hook in the top of the socks,
rnd:ch 1, sc in same spot (counts as first sc) ch 3, sc into top of sock, repeat around for an odd number of chain loops, final sc just a bit away from the first one (sock trimming is not an exact thing) ch 1, dc into the first sc. I had 32 loops on mine total counting the last ch 1 dc loop.
rnd 2: ch 1, sc in top of the loop you're working in, chain 3, sc in next loop, repeat all the way around until the last loop, then ch 1, dc into first sc from rnd 2.
rnd 3: Ch1, sc, chain 5, sc in next loop, repeat all the way around until the final loop space, ch 2, tr in first sc
rnd 4: repeat rnd 3
rnd 5: ch 1, sc, * 4 tr crochet, ch 2, 4 tr crochet in next ch 5 loop, sc in next ch 5 loop* repeat around until the last loop, 4 tr crochet, ch 2, 4 tr, slipstitch in first sc, end off, weave in ends.

abbreviations used: ch= chain stitch, sc= single crochet, dc= double crochet, tr= treble crochet, a treble is yarn over twice, insert hook in stitch, yo, slip two loops off the hook over the yarn over, yarn over, work off next two loops, yo, work off last 2 loops.

Oh my gosh.. I actually *finished* something. The coffee cut back is also cutting back my ability to finish things.
Tags: crochet, patterns

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