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My keen deduction skills have told me that people care a lot more about Tenacious D vs. Jay and Silent Bob than Oompah Loompahs vs Munchkins.
Yesterday I had to confess to Mike I called the comic book shop just to see what the vs. was this week for all of you, see, I'd forgotten. I wasn't emotionally involved like I was with the Munchkins.

Up to the sunrays on the hat. Which is turning out really cute. I keep saying "I'm going to write down directions for the base hat" but don't. It's pretty automatic for me. I know that I have to end with 72 stitches with a size h hook to fit E's or my head. I start with 8 scs in the first stitch, and just keep increasing and working some rows plain to get a rounded shape until I get to 72, then work the rows plain until it's long enough, then I break off, count 9 stitches from where I break off, and start the first ear flap which is 18 stitches wide to start.
I know! I can write the earflaps!
Decrease is worked by inserting the hook in the first stitch, yo, pull through just the stitch (2 loops on hook), insert hook in second stitch, yo, pull through all loops. Dec sc made. At least the way I do them for these flaps.
row 1: 18 sc
row 2: ch 1 to turn,18 rsc (reverse single crochet, which for me is a whole lot easier then switching hands and trying to do it that way to keep that characteristic sc ridge from showing
row 3: Dec over first 2 stitches, sc in next 14 stitches, dec in last 2 stitches
Row 4: ch 1 to turn, rsc across..

yeah.. well.. I could write all the rows, but it's all like that. Just decrease by 2 on the sc on rows, and rsc across on the rsc rows until you're left with 2 stitches, then break off and do the other side, then I sc all around and at the ends of the flaps do my chains for the straps, you know, chain down, slip stitch up.

The basic hat is easy. It's the decorations that make it fun. And this one has little triangle sunrays. Unstuffed or only lightly stuffed though. I'm nearly out of stuffing and I want to get this done.
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