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Zill covers

I've got a couple sets of zills. This is the set I actually use. One set that I never use, is at least 80 years old, a distant cousin got them while she was in India in something like the 1920s. They are part of a collection of things she picked up there. A gorgeous little brass cosmetics bottle we think once held kohl shaped like a peacock with a tail that goes up and down, a couple long gone sari silks I used for costumes and things when I was a kid. Well, they aren't part of that collection anymore, because Mom believed beautiful things were meant to be used and I used those right up. *grins* Happy memories though. We do the same thing for E, she has flags and silks and all sorts of things we've never told her she couldn't use. She enjoys them more then we would just hanging on the wall.
Ahh.. well.. so now I'm babbling. The point is, I have lots of zills, and I still do bellydance sometimes, if it's a low pain day, I like dancing, and bellydancing isn't as stressful to my joints as tap or ballet would be!
This set, I got from Mermaid Imports, they were 20.00 a pair. Yes, you can find less expensive zills, I have a lightweight set of less expensive zills Emily uses when she wants to dance with me, but the sound from the heavier, more expensive pair is so much better. Mine *ring* when clicked together quickly. Lovely sounding. I'll record the sound later if your interested. But being a decent size and weight means the sound really isn't made for my house when people are doing other things, so I made a set of zill covers/mufflers.

I know you want a set for yourself right? *grins* Since I'm sure all of you have zills to cover. (Okay.. now I've got a visual of obscurek bellydancing in handknits.. I didn't need to do that to myself)
I used a size 4 hook (quick project doncha know. If I wanted something more intricate I'd have used a smaller hook, but I wanted something quick)
Size 10 cotton thread
Small "ouchless" hair elastics
Chain 12, slipstitch to join in a ring
Rnd 1: Ch 1, 24 sc in ring, sl st
Rnd 2: Ch 4 (counts as first tr, and ch 1) *tr in next stitch, ch 1*, repeate ** around, sl st to 3rd ch in first ch to join. (24 tr)
Rnd 3: ch 1 (doesn't count as first sc) sc in each stitch around, sl st to join
Rnd 4: ch 1 (doesn't count as first sc) sc in same stitch, *ch 3, skip next st, sc in next st,* repeat ** around, on the last st, instead of ch 3, ch 1, dc in first sc. (24 loops) 1
Rnd 5 : ch 1 (doesn't count as first sc), *ch 3, sc in next loop* repeat ** around, on last loop, ch 1, dc in first sc
Rnd 6: Repeat round 5
Rnd 7: Ch 1, (doesn't count as first sc) sc in same stitch, ch 1, sc around hair elastic, ch 1, *sc in next loop, ch 1, sc around hair elastic, ch 1,* repeat ** around, sl st to join. Weave in ends.
1I love this technique for coming out of the top of a loop instead of having the thickness of slipstitch up to the top of the next loop. If you prefer to slipstitch, by all means do.

Mermaid Imports is also the same place I got the diety pouches I beaded a while back. Lovely place. Grab bags, incense, and 2 for a dollar dhoop sticks, which is the only incense Mike doesn't seem to mind, although to be fair, the only one he's complained about is Nag Champa. If I've mentioned something here, that they don't mention or have on their website that you want, email them. I told them I wanted to do a feature on the diety pouches which they don't have on their site,and they told me someone can always email them for information. I'm personally wild for their grab bags. They have sparklies in them. Copper bracelets, incences, shell jewelry, little pill boxes, all sorts of interesting things. But I LOVE grab bags. Addicted to them in fact. When we HAD a Sanrio store, they used to have grab bags. I can't even tell you how many E and I bought!
Now I need to make a bag for my zills.
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