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Gloves for a Young Lady

This is another pair of super inexpensive "magic" stretch gloves. The pair that came with the black ones
I decorated these for my daughter who usually likes very bright pinks and wears pink and orange and red all at once frequently, but sometimes she likes pastel colors and very lacy/girly things.

I used size 10 cotton, and the same size 9 hook. It was handy. The edging on this is really super simple.
You'll need size 10 cotton
size 9 hook or whatever your most comfortable with.
2 buttons
tapestry needle that will fit the size 10 cotton and still go through the button holes. I've got no clue what size I used.
Rnd 1-The first row is spaced with the ribbing on the gloves, I placed each sc right under the "down" rib in the top of the glove, ch 3, sc right below the next down rib.
Insert the hook into the gloves right below the cuff vertically to work the first row of net.

When you get to the last ch 3 , instead of chain 3, ch 1, dc in first ch.
Rnd 2-Now you are on top of the last loop you made, ch 1,(does not count as first sc) sc in that loop, ch 3, *sc in next loop, ch 3* repeat around until you reach the last loop, ch 1, dc in first sc.
Rnd 3- ch 1,(does not count as first sc) sc in the last loop of the previous row, ch 3, sc in the same loop, *ch 3, sc in next loop, ch 3, sc in same loop* repeat around. End by ch 1, dc in first sc (double the number of loops for the first round)
Rnd 4- ch 1,(does not count as first sc) sc, ch 3, *sc in next loop, ch 3* repeat around. This round you do end with a chain 3, slipstitch it to the first sc. Weave in ends.
That's the ruffle.

Now make the flowers. Oh so easy!
Rnd 1- Ch 6 tightly, slipstitch to form a ring.
Rnd 2- working into the ring, ch 1,(does not count as first sc) sc, ch 3, sc, ch 3, sc, ch 3, sc, ch 3, sc, ch 3, sc, ch 3, slipstitch to join to first sc. (6 ch 3 loops)
Rnd 3, ch 1(does not count as first sc), *sc in sc. Ch 2, 5 dc in ch 3 loop, ch 2,* repeat on each ch 3 loop, slipstitch to join. Weave in ends.

Thread the needle with a bit of the cotton, and attach the flower to the glove with the buttons.

Of course, like the first one, it would work with socks too, only you'd put the ruffle on the top of the sock and the flower a bit below it on the inside so when you folded down the cuff it would show.

Hopefully my daughter likes them.
Tags: crochet, gloves, patterns

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