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17 January 2009 @ 05:55 pm
well.. that was fun mostly..  
But 3 hours of being mostly on my feet hurts. If I ever needed convincing there is no way I could go back to tending bar, today proved it completely.
First thing we did was stop by Arctic Brewing Supply and pick up a couple different kinds of rootbeer extract to make some rootbeer. I also grabbed a book on making soda, and noticed they had Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers: The Secrets of Ancient Fermentation which is on my wishlist for books I really really want. I didn't get it, but I told Mike they had it there. It's a great store. It absolutely inspires me to try brewing my own beer. The bottles and bottle caps, the scents of barley and hops.. it's amazing.
The zoo. Too late for b-day cake, but in time for s'mores. A volunteer toasted marshmallows over a fire in a barrel, and another did the assembly, and everyone was able to get one each. The polar bears *loved* their big ice cake, and were playing and having fun. Everyone went "AWWWW!"
The area they have set up for water fowl was full of birds, the swans were noisy, and there were an awful lot of ducks. Actually, with the unseasonably warm weather, all the animals were active and enjoying it. Unfortunately, my camera batteries died before I even got all the pictures of the birds I wanted. It was a lot of fun though.
Then.. Mike needed a shirt for a thing he had to go tonight, and so we stopped a couple places looking for a shirt and shopped, and Wm said that Dad has been complaining about needing a new beard trimmer, so we got him one for his b-day. Stopped to get comics as long as we were in the area, and also go some sparkling water to try the various rootbeer extracts in so we could decide which one we were going to carbonate with yeast first.
Finally, we got the things we needed to get, and got home, and now I'm relaxing while he's doing the smile at people thing for work. I hurt so bad, but it was such a nice day with the kids.

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(Anonymous) on January 28th, 2009 02:16 am (UTC)
Oh, Shala, isn't there anything you can't do? You make your own rootbeer. Cool. The trip to the zoo sounded cool too.

Grandma Marilyn
(Anonymous) on January 28th, 2009 01:23 pm (UTC)
Hi Shala,
The bears look like they really enjoyed the snow. If it was me, I would be inside in front of a nice fire place, with a hot fire burning inside it. LOL